METCOM: 911 Fire / EMS

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Operates 13 county-wide radio communications networks which support public safety communications for member police and fire agencies.
Test page Saturday 10am for Cooksville, Dale Township, Danvers, Downs, Ellsworth, Farmer City, Gridley, Heyworth, Hutson, Leroy, Lexington, McLean, Roanaoke, Saybrook, Stanford, Towanda

Remote Links for paging from 911 to 156.12 Remote Towers - Agencies heard
Bloomington Tower - West - 91.5 - McLean County Fire Investigation Team #2, McLean Fire, 3N22 Heyworth EMS, Hudson Fire, 3N60,
Downs Tower - South - 82.5 - McLean County Fire Investigation Team #2,
Arrowsmith Tower - South East - 67.0 - McLean Co EMA Search Team, McLean County Fire Investigation Team #2, Colfax Ambulance, Colfax Fire, St.... Arrowsmith, Bellflower Fire, Cooksville Fire, Cropsey Fire
Lexington Tower (North) - 74.4 - Lexington Fire, McLean County Fire Investigation Team #2, 3N28 EMS

McLean County EMS System
WNBH314  - was 155.22 Base/Mobile - deleted 9/13, add 458.2125 - 8-25 wt Mobiles (NFM)

Outdoor Warning Siren System
*856.4875 appears to be like an LTR Passport type system, blips every 10 seconds; CW-ID heard; 811.4875 is CSQ data bursts. (52 FX1s, 3-3wt mobiles) 

156.2100094.8 PLFire/EMS: Countywide Paging (no reciever) (except Bloomington, Normal FD)
460.2000091.5 PLFire/EMS: Link (to 156.21 West Tower - Bloomington)
460.2000082.5 PLFire/EMS: Link (to 156.21 South Tower - Downs)
460.2000067.0 PLFire/EMS: Link (to 156.21 South-East Tower - Arrowsmith)
460.2000074.4 PLFire/EMS: Link (to 156.21 North Tower - Lexington)
154.19000173.8 PLFire/EMS: Countywide Dispatch (En Route, etc) (except Bloomington and Normal FDs) [Ch 1]
154.23500CSQFireground: South County Rural (South of Route 9)
155.20500CSQEMCAA Ambulance Paging (Old) [Expired]
154.81500173.8 PLEMS: Countywide Dispatch (en route, etc) (except Bloomington FD)
155.16000173.8 PLMcLean County Rescue Squad [Expired]
856.48750CSQOutdoor Warning Sirens (*see notes)
858.48750METCOM: Mobile Data Terminals
859.48750METCOM: Mobile Data Terminals
860.48750METCOM: Mobile Data Terminals