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Miami Valley Care Flight operates helicopters from the following locations:

North Base - Urbana, Grimes Field (I74)
Central Base - Dayton, Miami Valley Hospital (00OI)
South Base - Lebanon, Lebanon-Warren County Airport (I68)
Maintenance Base - Moraine, Moraine Airpark (I73)

Care Flight 4 N63CF is the oldest helicopter, and has not been equipped with a MARCS radio. All except #1 are in the red/white/blue color scheme - #1 is blue/white. Also, #4 is the "old" #1, and it still wears that number on the tail. Either #1 or #3 will be at Moraine. The numbers change from time to time when one aircraft is out of service.
Care Flight now uses Ohio MARCS as follows:

 The current CORRECT assignments are:

Careflight 1 N625CF (6th bird, 25th year) MARCS Radio I.D. 39836
Careflight 2 N520CF (5th bird, 20th year) MARCS Radio I.D. 34406
Careflight 3 N164CF (16th year, 4th bird) MARCS Radio I.D. 18261
Careflight 4 N63CF  (6th year, 3rd bird) No MARCS
Careflight Control MARCS Radio I.D. 33501, 33502
Urbana Base MARCS Radio I.D. 33503
Warren County Base MARCS Radio I.D. 36578

Miami Valley Hospital operates 5 MICUs.  4 of which are staffed 24 hrs a day at Miami Valley Hospital, Miami Valley South and Jamestown Ohio (stand alone ER)

462.95000146.2 PLDispatch/Operations
155.28000Helicopter to ER (Patient Reports)
123.05000Miami Valley Hospital Heliport Freq.
123.07500Lebanon/Warren County Airport Unicom