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Utica Fire has a couple StarCom radios they use to communicate with DNR on DNR Region 1 Detail A when working incidents in the park. 
Utica Police (aka North Utica) is dispatched by LaSalle County Sheriff on 155.145 (114.8)
Utica Fire Protection District

155.64000114.8 PLPolice: Car-to-Car [North Utica]
151.47500114.8 PLPolice: Mobile Extenders [North Utica]
151.20500103.5 PLFire/EMS: Dispatch/Operations - Primary
155.66250100.0 PLFire/EMS: Operations [Ch 2]
154.19000107.2 PLFire/EMS: Mobile Extenders [Expired 11/03] (in use?)
460.58750107.2 PLFire/EMS: Mobile Extenders [Expired 11/03] (in use?)