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Police Department
Units Numbers are ### (usually last 3 digits of badge #) "NL1" is Normal Police front-desk radio identifier
Uses Starcom21 TRS for their primary radio communications since 2/21/06. There is currently no activity on 460.025 or 453.950. NPD Beat Map

Public Works - Maintenance, Public Works, Parks and Rec, Water, and Facilities Management switched from Nextel to Verizon PTT in 2013.

460.02500103.5 PLPolice: Dispatch (Old, still on air)
453.95000103.5 PLLocal Citizen Bike Patrol [Ch 2] [Expired 3/12]
462.43750100.0 PLIronwood Golf Course: Water Sprinkler Control? (carrier)
468.6125071.9 PLIronwood Golf Course [Expired 5/03]