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The following Police Departments are dispatched on STARCOM21 TG 30358 by METCOM: Unit #'s = "City" + "#" Chenoa, Colfax, Danvers, Downs, Ellsworth, Gridley, Hudson, Heyworth, Leroy, Lexington (Unit #'s are "LX-#", McLean village (Unit #'s are "MC-#), Stanford, Village of Towanda is patrolled by the Sheriff's Department and Hudson Police. The police frequencies listed for each Village are alternates, former dispatch, or car-car. McLean County Sheriff's Dept (covers all other municipalities and unincorporated areas)

453.575/458.575 (PL 103.5) This is a old countywide frequency used in the old days for various county depts ie - coroner, health dept, sheriff dept backup channel etc has now been turned over to our county facility management dept and used by them in the various county buildings here in Bloomington this also used as a countywide disaster channel with our 2 hospitals. it has been renamed sheriff citywide channel.

453.3375 103.5 repeater, still heard in use in downtown area, sounded like Jail, only license still for Bloomington Parks (4/15)

453.17500 458.17500 KVC886 BM 103.5 PL McL Old 3 McLean County - Pagers (NO LONGER USED) FM Deprecated
458.17500   WNHF321 M 103.5 PL McL Old 4 Law and Justice Center (NO LONGER USED) FM Deprecated
453.72500Sheriff: Mobiles (in use?)
453.33750103.5 PLSheriff: Jail Operations (Low Power) [Unlicensed*]
453.57500103.5 PLLaw and Justice Center: Maintenance
154.65000173.8 PLSheriff: Tactical
154.89000173.8 PLOLD - Sheriff: Tactical/Courthouse Security
156.21000364 DPLOLD - Sheriff: Jail