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Nassau County Medcom now use the P25 system between NCPD EAB, as well as most of the FD Ambulances.

The "Medcom" channels are still in use by Suffolk Ambulances traveling to Nassau, and any FD Ambulances that have not yet upgraded to P25 radios.

154.11500100.0 PLEMS Dispatch (Volunteer Ambulance) / Auxiliary Police
468.03750423 DPLSimulcast of 154.115 - EMS Dispatch (Volunteer Ambulance)
463.02500162.2 PLEMS Med-2 ALS Medical Control
463.05000162.2 PLEMS Med-3 ALS Medical Control
463.07500162.2 PLEMS Med-4 ALS Medical Control
463.10000162.2 PLEMS Med-5 ALS Medical Control
462.95000162.2 PLEMS Med-9 Hospital Notification
462.97500162.2 PLEMS Med-10 Hospital Notification
151.84250151.4 PLHatzalah of Nassau County - Dispatch
151.59500167.9 PLHatzalah of Nassau County - Tac
151.54250167.9 PLHatzalah of Nassau County - Tac