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126.20000CSQMilitary Tower
242.40000Army Helo Common (Two Four-Two Four)
242.50000Army Helo Common
243.00000Emergency/Guard UHF
246.80000CSQUSAF Common "Cheerleader"
252.10000Air Force Reserves (AFRS) Command Post Common
252.52500USAF Common [Triple 25]
255.40000Military Flight Service Station
257.80000Military Tower Common at Civilian Airports
282.80000Military Search and Rescue
299.50000USAF Common [Cheap Suit]
300.60000USAF Common [Thirty O Six]
300.65000USAF Common Air to Air
303.00000USAF Common (Thirty-Thirty) [Winchester]
303.05000USAF Common Air to Air
311.00000Air Combat Command (ACC) Command Post Primary
319.40000Air Mobility Command (AMC) Command Post
321.00000Air Combat Command (ACC) Command Post Secondary
323.80000Airborne Command Post
333.00000USAF Common [Triple Three]
333.30000USAF Common [Quad Three}
333.55000USAF Common [Full House]
335.55000USAF Common {Full House II]
341.75000USAF Air to Air
345.60000USAF Common [Straight]
349.40000Air Mobility Command CP Common
351.00000USAF Common [Haircut]
357.00000USAF Common [Magnum]
364.20000NORAD Air Intercept Control Common
383.55000Take Charge and Move Out (TACAMO) Data
384.50000USAF Common [Pistol]
384.55000USAF Common [Pistol 5]