Battalion 3

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Inwood, LCFD, Woodmere all alert on 3B West Alert
Hewlett, Meadowmere Park, and Valley Stream are dispatched on CW Paging 453.325 PL136.5
Hewlett, Meadowmere Park, and Valley Stream is planned to be dispatched Point Lookout FD's Dispatch Frequency of 460.1375 (Soon to be called CW Paging)
Meadowmere Park is dispatched on a 46.10 XBand Repeater on 453.325 PL100.0

453.16250351 DPL3rd Battalion West - Dispatch
453.68750565 DPL3rd Battalion West - Operations
460.52500423 DPL3rd Battalion West - Operations 2
465.61250167.9 PL3rd Battalion Freground
453.81250186.2 PLValley Stream Fireground
458.63750CSQWoodmere Fire District - Fireground