Crossband Repeaters

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Some of these crossband repeaters span multiple battalions

** Note - Roslyn 46.12 Crossband is only on air if a member activates the link

453.32500100.0 PL46.10 Crossband (Hewlett)
460.3875088.5 PL46.12 Crossband (Carle Place)
453.08750423 DPL46.12 Crossband (Roslyn)
453.98750423 DPL46.20 Crossband (East Rockaway)
471.35000151.4 PL46.20 Crossband (Malverne)
458.93750054 DPL46.20 Crossband (Point Lookout-Lido)
453.63750CSQ46.20 Crossband (Woodmere)
453.48750103.5 PL46.32 Crossband (Mineola)
453.27500546 DPL46.32 Crossband (Roosevelt)