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The MTA Police handles law enforcement on MTA property including Metro-North, Long Island Rail Road and the Staten Island Railway. MTA Police can also be found on the Connecticut State Police trunked system while operating in Connecticut


161.22000Police 1 - Dispatch
160.56000Police 2 - Car/Car
160.45500CSQPolice 1 - Dispatch LIRR
160.60500151.4 PLPolice 2 - Car/Car LIRR
160.32000114.8 PLPolice 3 - Penn Station / Flatbush Terminal LIRR
155.76000CSQPolice 4 - Manhattan Division LIRR
452.91250CSQPolice Vehicle Repeater
452.63750CSQPolice Portables
452.68750CSQPolice Portables
452.76250CSQPolice Portables
452.81250CSQPolice Portables
452.86250CSQPolice Portables